Wisdom & Chocolate with Bets Danko

Consistency & Avoiding Burnout

February 22, 2023 Bets Danko Season 3 Episode 99
Wisdom & Chocolate with Bets Danko
Consistency & Avoiding Burnout
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Wisdom and Chocolate is a common sense approach to Personal Development, Self Empowerment, and Happiness.   This week Bets takes a deep dive into the true value of challenge in our lives and how that helps to form our character.  Add a little Mr. Beast Chocolate Bar to the mix and we have some pretty tasty conversation!  The real transformation in life begins with Celebration….so grab your coffee and chocolate…It’s time to Celebrate You!


The Wisdom…Don’t Suffer Under The Weight Of Unsaid Words (to yourself)

The Chocolate…Challenge Is A Teacher

The Celebration Moment…Stay True To Your Character

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The Wisdom
The Chocolate Moment
The Celebration Moment