Wisdom & Chocolate with Bets Danko

No Rock Big Enough

September 21, 2022 Bets Danko Season 2 Episode 77
Wisdom & Chocolate with Bets Danko
No Rock Big Enough
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Wisdom and Chocolate is a common sense approach to Personal Development, Self Empowerment, and Happiness. Oh yes, oh yes…. It is yet another coconut chocolate bar!   Yummm.  Learn what chocolate covered coconut has to do with bees in the compost and choosing to be the eye of the storm. The real transformation in life begins with Celebration….so grab your chocolate…It’s time to Celebrate You!


The Wisdom…Be The Eye Of The Storm

  • The bees in the compost

The Chocolate…Don’t Allow Your Positivity To Hide Under Your Fear

  • Rickaroonss Organic Coconut Bar
  • The positivity coat

The Celebration Moment…Don’t Underestimate Your Ability To Create Change

  • The Straw bale compost pile
  • Letting Go

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