Wisdom & Chocolate with Bets Danko

Be Free!

August 03, 2022 Bets Danko Season 2 Episode 70
Wisdom & Chocolate with Bets Danko
Be Free!
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Wisdom and Chocolate is a common sense approach to Personal Development, Self Empowerment,  and Happiness. This week we bring in the movie biz again to illustrate how creat change.  Plus.. the chocolate this week will give you a little energy zap!  It’s Trader Joe’s Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans!!!  Yummm.   The real transformation in life begins with Celebration….so grab your chocolate…It’s time to Celebrate You!


  • The Wisdom…Thoughts Alone Do Not Create Change
  • Lights, Camera, Action
  • Oxygen

The Chocolate…Set Your Soul Free! 

  • Traders Joe’s Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans
  • Sound baths
  • Journey of the soul

The Celebration Moment…Your Healing Is Your Responsibility

  • Give yourself moment to get centered and self aware
  • Podcast homework

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