Wisdom & Chocolate with Bets Danko

Things That Matter

June 15, 2022 Bets Danko Season 2 Episode 64
Wisdom & Chocolate with Bets Danko
Things That Matter
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Wisdom and Chocolate is a common sense approach to Personal Development, Self Empowerment,  and Happiness. In this weeks episode,  Bets weaves a little chocolate around clarity and focus as she reminds us all of The Fire Within! The real transformation in life begins with Celebration….so grab your chocolate…It’s time to Celebrate You. 


The Wisdom…Approach Life Like A Four Year Old

  • Eddie the Dog

The Chocolate…Clarity: Knowing What You want and How You’re Gonna Get It

  • Charting the course by thinking things through
  • Throw all the possibilities in the mix! 

The Celebration Moment…Put Your Focus On Things That Matter

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